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A large number of tests and investigations are undertaken every day.  If several tests are taken at your appointment, the results may arrive back at different times.  It can take several days before your doctor sees the full set.  We do not have the capacity to contact you with every result, or for you to phone in or see a doctor to get your results.  Consequently, you will only be contacted if a test result is abnormal.  We would encourage you to set up a Patient Access account to view your own results online –  please click on the link below to go to the Patient Access wbebsite for further information and to create your own online access account. This will allow you to see your medical records (including test results) as well as being able to request your repeat medications.

Visit the Patient Access website for further information about setting up your account to view your medical records and request repeat medications (opens new window).


If the doctor specifically asks you to phone in to get your results, please only do this between 2-3pm when phone lines are quieter.

All laboratory tests results are dealt with in strictest confidence.