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For 24-hour General Medical Advice telephone 111 or click on the link below to visit the NHS111 website: 

Visit the NHS111 website (opens new window).

12.02.2024 Medicines for Children

Medicines for Children is a partnership programme of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group (NPPG) and WellChild.

The medicines information pages cover many of the medicines that are prescribed or recommended for children by health professionals. They answer frequent questions, such as how and when to give the medicine, what to do if you forget to give the medicine, and any possible side-effects.

You can also read information or watch the short videos about giving different types of medicines, including tablets, capsules, liquid medicine, inhalers,  eye drops/ointment and ear drops.

Please click here to visit the website.

18.10.2023 GetUBetter MSK App (GUB)

getUBetter is a 24/7 online app which provides self-management support for all common musculoskeletal injuries and conditions including back, back and leg, neck, shoulder, knee and ankle pain. Please click here to register and get started.

28.07.2023 Safer Use of Medicines in Pregnancy - Planning Ahead

Many people take medication for long or short term conditions. Some medications may not be suitable to take if you become pregnant, so it's important to seek advice if you or your partner are planning on getting pregnant. Please click here for more guidance.

17.04.2023 Fear of Flying Policy

We have recently reviewed our policy on prescribing medication to patients with a fear of flying. Please click here for more information.

19.12.2022 Ear Care

Please see the attached leaflet from our Nursing team to help patient deal with minor ear problems. Click here to display leaflet.

18.08.2022 New campaign for people to build strength and balance for falls prevention

Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) has recently launched Move More Together, a new campaign encouraging inactive adults over 50 to become more active. They will be matched with a volunteer who they will meet with regularly on a one-to-one basis, and who will support them to take their first steps towards being more active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, physical inactivity has been at an all-time high. As restrictions have eased, many older adults are keen to become more active again, but access and confidence remain significant barriers.

Move More Together volunteers can accompany participants with various activities, such as home-based exercise, going for a walk locally or trying out an exercise class. Activities can vary from week to week, and volunteers will be aware that flexibility is key to finding an activity that is suitable for sometimes unpredictable health conditions.
 Call to action

We are currently recruiting people to take part in Move More Together as volunteers and participants. If you know of anyone or meet any patients who may be interested in volunteering or who would benefit from the scheme as a participant, please refer them to the forms on the Move More Together webpage which should be completed to register their interest. Our Volunteer Project Officer will then contact them to start the process.
Volunteers will be joining an amazing team dedicated to improving the health and happiness of residents across Somerset. They will receive a full induction and training to help them confidently fulfil their role, and there will be a dedicated named contact to provide ongoing support and training. 
For further information on the project, please contact Jenny Street, Volunteering Project Officer on / 01823 653990.


18.08.2022 Injured or Unwell? Choose Well

If you are feeling unwell or have injured yourself, there may be other facilities that can help you other than your GP practice. Please click here to see the local facilities that can help.

08.07.2022 Household Support Fund available to help Somerset Residents who may be struggling

The Household Support Fund is designed to provide short-term urgent financial help to Somerset residents who are struggling to afford household essentials such as buying food, paying for energy and water bills and other essential household items such as beds and white goods.

More information on the fund, who it is for and how people can apply can be found here: Somerset Household Support Fund


21.06.22 Think Travel Somerset

A new one-stop travel information website has been launched by Somerset County Council to support more local people to access public and community transport.

If you don’t own a car – or you want to leave it at home and travel more sustainably, Think Travel can help you with your transport options. Whether it’s getting to the doctors, shops, travelling to work, college, or school, or just into town to meet friends or family, the new travel planner shows you what’s available. It covers public transport, community transport, the Slinky demand responsive transport service and car sharing.

To start your search, all you need to do is enter your journey start point and destination in the planner and Think Travel will find the available options for you. As well as information on train and bus services, there’s also a dedicated car sharing notice board you can sign up to, where offers or requests for car sharing journeys can be posted. The aim is to grow this facility and encourage local car sharing networks to evolve.

You can check out Think Travel here:

22.04.22 Change to Healthy Start

There are lots of families in Somerset that utilise the Healthy Start scheme to access free vitamins during pregnancy and healthy foods for their families; collaborative efforts across Somerset aim to:

 - Support families to make the change to the pre-paid card

 - Increase uptake of those eligible

The NHS have launched a digital scheme that offers a prepaid card to those applying for Healthy Start instead of paper vouchers. This card will be automatically topped up every 4 weeks.

For information on how to apply, please click here - Healthy Start - How to Apply

Check out this animation - how to apply online

06.04.22 HANDi Paediatric App

Smartphone users can now download the free HANDi Paediatric App to get expert advice, support and guidance for common childhood illnesses. HANDi was developed by the Paediatric team at Musgrove Park Hospital and is available to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Playstore. 


20.04.21 - Self-refer to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)

Young people aged 16 or 17 can now self-refer to the CAMHS team. This can be done by calling the CAMHS Single Point of Access team on 0300 1524 5012; alternatively, you can use the linkbelow to visit the CAMHS website:

Visit the CAMHS website Self Referral page (opens new window)



18.12.20 - Webinars from Somerset NHS Dietetics Team


Please click on the link below to visit the Somerset NHS Dietetics website where you can find lots of webinars on a wide range of dietary subjects including: Ceoliac disease, IBS, FODMAP diets, and there is also Paediatric advice and information.

Visit the Somerset Dietetics website - opens new window

18.01.21 - NEW!! - There's now a brand new COPD section on the site



20.11.20 - Understanding Type 1 Diabetes - FREE Massive Open Online Course MOOC

Please click on the link below for details on the online course being run by the Somerset MyDiabetesMyWay Team.

Further details about the online Type 1 Diabetes course - and to register to attend


Click any of the images or titles below to visit the relevant website

NHS choices   View NHS Health A-Z website (opens new window)

Advice and Guidance on 100+ most common conditions. This site clearly explains symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and preventative methods.

Information on how the health and social care system works.

Sign posting you to the most appropriate service/s. 

Wessex healthier together   Healthier together website (opens new window)

Healthier Together has been developed for parents and healthcare staff which focus on children aged under 5 years.

APPs for iPhone or Android smartphones are available 

Advice and guidance on

  • Is your child unwell?
  • Who should I speak to?
  • Parenting
  • Expectant mothers

NHS Choices apps   NHS Tools, Apps and Podcasts website (opens new window)

A wide range of NHS approved healthcare apps to help you monitor your conditions or achieve your goals. for example fitness, smoking, alcohol, weight loss, pregnancy, depression, blood pressure, sexual health, etc.   Patient website (opens new window)

Advice and Guidance on 100+ most common conditions. This site clearly explains symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and preventative methods.

Symptom checker 

Wellbeing = health, fitness, nutrition, parenting 


Self help connect uk   Self help connect uk (opens new window)

National self help forum support groups



Self help Forum   Self help Forum (opens new window)

The Self Care Forum aims to further the reach of self care and embed it into everyday life. Self Care is the actions that individuals take for themselves, on behalf of and with others in order to develop, protect, maintain and improve their health, wellbeing or wellness.

Self Help Talking Therapies   Talking Therapies Self Help Guides (opens new window)

Talking Therapies offer a wide range of treatments for adults 18 years of age and over who are registered with a GP surgery in the Somerset area. This resource provides self help materials which cover a range of mental health issues. The guides are mini workbooks, offering information but structured around short exercises.



Search over 500 Patient Information Leaflets (opens new window) as well as details of 2000+self-help/patient support groups and similar organisations.



Back Pain

• Back pain causes 13 million working days to be lost in Britain each year.

• Symptoms usually respond to 24 hours rest lying on a firm bed followed by gentle exercise and return to normal activities.

• Paracetamol or Ibuprofen will help to relieve pain and local heat from a hot water bottle may also help.

• Avoid straining your back while exercising and take great care with lifting even when the pain has subsided

• When sitting, an upright chair with support for the small of the back lessens strain on the spine.

• If the pain does not start to improve within a few days, then consult your doctor for advice.


Insect Bites and Stings

• Most need no treatment.

• Anti-histamine tablets and/or cream can be obtained from the chemist without prescriptions and will relieve most symptoms.



• Apply large quantities of cold water to the affected area as soon as possible and continue until the pain subsides: but running cold water is the most effective. 

• This may take some time. If the skin is unbroken but blisters, apply a loose dry dressing.

• If the burn is larger than 10cm (4 inches) in diameter or if the skin is broken, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

• Do not use creams such as Germoline or Savlon


Chicken Pox

• On the first day a rash appears with small red spots.

• Within a few hours these develop small blisters at the centre.

• Over the next 3 or 4 days further spots will appear and the earlier ones will turn crusty and fall off.

• Calamine lotion will soothe the itching and cool baths may help.

• The most infectious period is 2 or 3 days before the rash appears and until the last crusts have formed dry centres, usually 7-10 days after the onset of the rash.

• Children may return to school as soon as the last crusts have dropped off.

• The incubation period of chicken pox is 14-21 days.


Colds and Flu

• These usually start with a runny nose, cough, temperature and muscular aches.

• They are usually caused by viruses for which antibiotics will have no effect.

• Paracetamol helps the temperature and aches whilst decongestants and throat lozenges may also help to relieve symptoms. 

• It is important to drink plenty of fluid, but do not worry if you do not eat for a few days - you will come to no harm

• However no more than eight paracetamols should be taken within any 24 hours


Diarrhoea and Vomiting

• In adults and older children, diarrhoea and vomiting is usually caused by a virus.

• Treatment consists of replacing fluid lost with small amounts of water, or fizzy lemonade taken frequently and not eating for 24 hours.

• If the diarrhoea contains blood, if there is severe pain or high fever you should consult your doctor.

• Diarrhoea and vomiting in small babies and young children should be treated with caution and your doctor will be happy to advise you over the phone and arrange to see you if necessary.

• Elderly people and those with medical conditions (e.g. diabetes) should consult a doctor.

• Women taking the oral contraceptive pill may need to take extra precautions.



• These creatures prefer clean hair and are not a sign of poor hygiene.

• Daily combing with a fine tooth comb after application of conditioner is also effective



• This is an infection of the covering of the brain and the most serious from is caused by the meningococcus bacteria and requires urgent medical attention.

• Warning signs include a "blood spot" rash that does not blanch under pressure, and neck stiffness.

• In infants there may be drowsiness, change in the cry, irritability, fever, diarrhoea or vomiting.

• In adults, as well as neck stiffness and rash there may be high temperature, vomiting, headache and back or joint pains

For more detailed information visit the Meningitis Now website (opens new window).

Blanch = press the side of a clear drinking glass onto the rash or bruises and checking that they fade.


Nose Bleeds

• Sit in a chair (leaning forward with your mouth open) and pinch your nose just below the bone for 10 minutes, by which time the bleeding should have stopped.

• If the bleeding continues or if your are taking blood-thinning tablets (anticoagulants): consult your doctor.

• Avoid blowing your nose for 48 hours and hot food and drink for 24 hours.


Sprains and Strains

• Apply a cold compress (e.g. a packet of frozen peas wrapped in a wet tea towel) to reduce swelling: then apply a firm crepe bandage and give the sprain plenty of rest until the discomfort has subsided.



• Try to prevent this by avoiding exposure to the sun in the heat of the day and using sun screens.

• Treat sunburn by cooling the skin with cool water or calamine lotion and take Paracetamol or anti-histamine tablets as necessary.



• A raised temperature occurs commonly even with mild infections.

• In small children it is important to stop the temperature rising too quickly and they should be given Paracetamol syrup which may be bought from the chemist.

• If they are still feverish they should be gently sponged with tepid water as in a bath or shower to cool them (this may take up to 20 minutes)

• If a temperature is very high and does not come down with this treatment or the child appears very unwell you should consult your doctor.

• A child or adult with a temperature will not come to any harm being brought by car or by pram to the surgery.