Rate our Website responses


Many thanks again to all of you who were able to take the time to offer us your thoughts on our website.   This time round we have 14 x Excellent or Good responses, 3 x Average and 7 x Poor replies.  There are a few comments which appear to offer your thoughts on the Patient Access website – this is where you can view your own medical records, request medications and book appointments.   We do not manage the Patient Access site and so are not responsible for it’s design / functions.   You will see once on the Patient Access site that there is an option to contact their Support Centre – please use this if you want to feedback about your experiences using that site.

One patient used the feedback form to request a call back from a doctor abot a previous referral.   Please do NOT use this feedback form for these purposes – we cannot guarantee always to view your responses immediately.

I am sorry that one responder felt our website was full of jargon and had no information regarding specific health matters, for example mamagement of Asthma or Diabetes.  A new link will be added today which directs patient towatds the new NHS website that holds a wide range of health information. You can view it here: NHS UK

I wil be adding details of the walk-in phlebotomy (blood tests) clinics today.


5 x Excellent ratings and 1 x Average rating.

The one commentator observed they felt

“it was much easier to use and to find an appointment that suited. ”


Thanks to those who offered their rating.



There are a couple of specific queries this time:

‘Where has the e-consult facility gone?’      We stopped using e-consult as there was very little demand for it. However, we are looking at other options for online consultations at the surgery and we will keep you updated.

‘Search doesn’t work.’   I’m pleased that this function does now work on our website.

7 x Good or Excellent responses; 5 x Poor and 2 x Average


Thanks to those of you who took the time to offer your comments regarding our website.

We’ve received a few ‘Poor’ marks this time, mostly in relation to the new Patient Access site (which is where you can view your records, make repeat medication requests and book appointments). I would like to clarify that Wells Health Centre does not own or manage/develop the Patient Access site – neither the old one or the new one.  The company who supplies our clinical system where we store your notes and record medications issued etc is the same company who manage and maintain the Patient Access site. Of course, the surgery is happy to help out with any problems that our patients are experiencing with the Patient Access site but you may wish to be aware that there is a specific Support Centre for the site and I would like to suggest that this is the best place for you to offer your thoughts and comments on it.

If you are having specific difficulties with logging-in and password re-sets we can certainly help with this.



Just three responses this time. One comment advised that the number 01749 672 137  does not work – I have tried this on a few occasions and it is very busy so it’s often engaged but I can confirm it does work.

One other comment advised that ‘I have been locked out again.’  As these comments are anonymous we cannot help this individual – may I ask that they contact the surgery and we can re-set the account.


Only 2 ‘Excellents’ to report this month – out of a total of 10 ratings posted between 5th and 25th June. As many of you will be aware, the new Patient Access website has taken some getting used-to many have reporting difficulties with logging-in.  I’m pleased to say most of these probems have now been resolved – but please do contact us at the surgery if you continue to experience difficulties.

A few pointers to be aware of with the new Patient Access website:

You must have a unique email address for every account.

You cannot log-in using your email address on the first occasion of you logging-on – you can use it in subsequent occasions though.

You must have a mobile phone number and an email address recorded in your online account details in order for you to be able to reset your password.

The website does have it’s own Support Centre as well as guides and FAQs (frequently asked questions)



Please see below for the latest Rate our Website responses between 6th April and 5th June:

Excellent 19
Good 7
Average 1
Poor 15

It is pleasing to see that we have 26 (out of 42)  Excellent or Good responses.   However we are still getting a lot of comments recording that you are having problems with the online Patient Access system.  Please can I ask you to contact the surgery if you have any difficulties with Patient Access as we cannot resolve problems based upon your anonymous responses – thank you.

Many of you will have noted the new site for Patient Access. The suppliers – EMIS – will be contacting all our online users in the next few weeks to give them some further information on the update.  Please note that this is not a site that the surgery developed or designed and so the best bet for help using the site is to contact EMIS. On the new site you will find the Support Centre contact details as well as options to view short videos on the new website.

We are also advised that the site has been undergoing some problems in the last few days – I suspect that there has been a large amount of users trying to access the system and this has slowed things down considerably.

Thanks again to all those who contributed their thoughts – your time and effort is much appreciated




There have been a number of comments recently where patients have advised of their difficulties with the Patient Access option which allows you to view your medical records online or request medications. I have now added a new guide to the process which you can find here:  Patient Access page.  I hope you will all find this of use – as usual though, if you experience any difficulties please contact me at the surgery.

One comment requested that the Out of Hours number was shown on our front page – I have now added this information.

Thanks again to those of you who took the time to offer your feedback.





Thanks again to all of you who took the time to offer us your thoughts on our website. I will be using this space to respond to these comments and to provide a monthly update on the figures, please use the link below to view the latest figures.

Website ratings figures

These set of responses include some comments on difficulties experienced with our online appointment system. Please do contact the surgery and ask to speak to me if you are having any problems with this service as I know a lot of patients have commented on how useful and easy to use this option is when it’s all set-up.

One comment suggested having useful links at the top of the page rather than at the bottom of the page. In fact the links at the bottom are the same as those at the top – they do look different though.




22.02.18 – Rate our Website responses

A big ‘Thank you’ to all of our patients who contributed their thoughts and took the time to rate our website. So far we have received almost 100 comments and I can report that 62% rated the site as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ with 27% rating it as Poor. Several of the more recent ‘Poor’ comments have reported difficulties with our online appointment booking system. Please feel free to contact the surgery and ask to speak to me if you are having difficulties with our online services. One repeated comment advised that there was no ‘Log In’ button on the website. The log in option is located at the top right hand side of every page – you can click on the link below for an image of this.

Website ‘log in’ option

I will be reviewing your comments on a regular basis from now on. It is vital that you, our patients, find the site informative and easy to use.  I’d like to encourage you to offer your thoughts so that we can make it a facility that will be of benefit to you all.



IT, IG and Operations Lead