Patient Leaflets

Please click the following links to view our patient leaflets and guides:

Practice Leaflet

Booking an Appointment

Confidentiality of Patient Information

Get The Most Out of Your Consultation

Online Services

Patient Access Application Form

Referral Leaflet

Sepsis leaflet – what to look for if your child has a temperature and you are worried

When Time is Short – End of Life Planning

When Should I Worry – a patient guide to coughs, colds, earache and sore throats

Travel to Hospital Information Leaflet



Easy Read leaflets with easy words and pictures

Robobraille converts documents into a variety of alternate formats for the visually and reading impaired

Friends and Family Test – Large Print

Practice Leaflet – Large Print

New patient questionnaire – large print

“The 24 hour receptionist”   – video explaining Patient Access

Brainman stops his opioids –  video about understanding pain and why opioids are not always the best way to treat pain

23 and a half hours” and “Let’s make our day harder” – videos by Dr Mike Evans about exercise and health