Patient Advice and Information

Please click the following links to view our patient leaflets and guides:

Somerset Care Servies Directory for 2019 can be found by clicking here

Practice Leaflet

Booking an Appointment

Confidentiality of Patient Information

Get The Most Out of Your Consultation

Online Services

Patient Access Application Form

Referral Leaflet

Sepsis leaflet – what to look for if your child has a temperature and you are worried

When Time is Short – End of Life Planning

When Should I Worry – a patient guide to coughs, colds, earache and sore throats

Travel to Hospital Information Leaflet



Easy Read leaflets with easy words and pictures

Robobraille converts documents into a variety of alternate formats for the visually and reading impaired

Friends and Family Test – Large Print

Practice Leaflet – Large Print

New patient questionnaire – large print

“The 24 hour receptionist”   – video explaining Patient Access

Brainman stops his opioids –  video about understanding pain and why opioids are not always the best way to treat pain

23 and a half hours” and “Let’s make our day harder” – videos by Dr Mike Evans about exercise and health