Medical Record

View Your Medical Record Online

In addition to booking appointments and ordering repeat medication, your test results, recent letters and consultations are also available for you to see on Patient Access.

  • View your medical history
  • See recent consultations (coded information)
  • See recent referral letters and replies from the hospital
  • See your test results
  • View allergies and immunisations
  • Check information about your prescribed medication

To understand some of the benefits of records access watch this Patient Access video

If you don’t already have an account you can sign up to Patient Access or ask at Reception for a registration letter.  Before access is enabled you will need to bring in photo ID, and complete a short form (download below, or available in Reception) to ensure you understand the implications of online access to your medical records.  Note this applies even if you already have a Patient Access account for ordering medication or booking appointments.

Print and bring the Patient Access Application Form along with your photo ID and proof of address to Reception.

A copy of our Online Services Leaflet is available on the Patient Leaflets page.

Please note that information, such as test results, can be slow to load on screen. To print documents it is necessary to click the expand arrows, then right click to print, or select print on your web browser. Documents are free to view online, but remember only recent letters are available online. You can ask to see your older letters, and request copies, but will need to arrange this and an administrative charge will apply.  In general you have the right to see your health records though certain legal exclusions may apply.

Patient Access uses a similar security approach as online / internet banking IF you keep your passwords secure.  Just as in the same way that you wouldn’t leave your bankers card and pin numbers lying around (particularly at work) and then wonder how someone managed to withdraw money from your account, it is essential that  you do not leave your passwords where they can be found.

A new feature allows you to share your record, or parts of it, with family members or friends – if you choose to. This video explains how.

If you’d like to learn how to use a computer ask at Wells Library about lessons for beginners, or take a free “GP services online” course at

Patient Access helps patients to have a more active role in their own healthcare and develops a good relationship with their GP and Practice. We hope you will sign up and try it.

If you are having problems signing into Patient Access please look at this document for solutions to the most common problems.