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Priory Health Park, Glastonbury Road, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1XJ

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Welcome to Wells Health Centre

Registering as a patient

We are pleased to accept registration requests from patients who are living within the area indicated on the map below.  Here is a downloadable copy of our Practice Leaflet:  click here for Practice leaflet December 2023

You can view the practice boundary by clicking here

We will not be able to register you if you live outside of this boundary, you can use the Postcode checker at top right of the map to confirm if you are inside or outside the boundary. 

You can register at the practice online by clicking here or by bringing your medical card to the surgery or signing and completing a registration form and questionnaire which can be collected from the surgery.

Alternatively, you can download both forms here GMS1 registration form and New Patient Questionnaire. Please click here for these forms in either Ukrainian or Russian.

A large print version is available by clicking on this link:

Access to the large print New Patient Questionnaire .


Wells Health Centre requests that you provide valid identification when registering at the surgery. A combination of photo ID plus a document containing your address is required. Recommended documents:

  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • medical card
  • driving licence
  • passport
  • local authority rent card
  • paid utility bills
  • bank/building society cards/statements
  • National Insurance number card
  • payslip
  • letter from Benefits Agency/benefit book/signing on card
  • papers from the Home Office
  • P45. 

If you are unable to present ID at registration your registration will still be accepted but you will be asked to bring any available ID in at your next visit.

If you cannot come to the surgery, registration may be carried out by an authorised representative who may sign the registration on your behalf.  You can then present your ID at your first visit.

Your Data Matters to the NHS - you can choose whether your confdential patient information is used for research and planning. To find out more visit:


Access your medical records and request repeat medications online

If you wish to have an online account please complete the form below and return it to the practice.

See the Online account application form


Doctors lists

All patients are allocated a named GP at registration. You can express a wish to register with a particular doctor. Please write to the surgery or email us at if you wish to request a change of GP.  We do our best to accommodate your wishes but please be aware that we cannot register you with a doctor whose list is closed.

We do encourage families to use the same doctor where possible.  We feel this to be in your best interest.


Do you live abroad for more than 3 months of the year?

If you leave the UK for more than 3 months you are deemed to have left this country and are no longer entitled to NHS services and prescriptions, and therefore no longer entitled to be registered at this practice.  You should hand your card back to the Health Authority, as stated on your NHS medical card, and re-apply on your return to the UK.  You are advised to inform us when you are leaving this country and to register for health services in your new country of residence.  For further information please visit the NHS Choices website.


Temporary residents

If you are a UK citizen in the area for a short time and require medical treatment you are able to register with this practice as a temporary resident.  This gives you the same access to general medical services as registered patients but either for a period of 24 hours up to 15 days, or between 15 days and three months.  If you are going to be in the area for longer than three months you should register fully with a GP.

If you are registered with another practice locally it is essential that you to attend your own practice where your medical notes are available.


Overseas visitors

People from abroad are eligible for free treatment on the NHS in the case of an emergency.  Broadly, this means that if, in the opinion of the GP, your condition requires emergency treatment you will not be charged for a consultation with the GP.

If you require treatment or medication for a pre-existing condition you will be charged a fee, which then should be claimed back via your insurance company.

Please note that these conditions also apply to British nationals living abroad.

If you are in the area for less than 24 hours and have an accident you can receive emergency treatment at this practice.

Should you be registered with another practice locally you are required to attend your own practice where your medical notes are available.

Please note that the surgery is not a casualty department and if it is thought that an X-ray is required the patient should be taken straight to hospital.  The nearest casualty department to Wells is West Mendip Hospital, Glastonbury.



In line with national NHS policy, we have zero-tolerance of violence or abuse towards any member of staff. If your behaviour is considered to be unacceptable you will be removed from our list immediately and advised to re-register elsewhere. We try to provide the best possible service to our patients and will always welcome your views or suggestions for further improvements