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Child Vaccinations

All children should commence the immunisation programme from two months old. You will receive invitations to attend our child clinics.

Detailed information regarding childhood vaccinations on the NHS website (opens new window).


Cervical Screening

Women between the ages of 25 to 65 will receive an invitation for a cervical smear test. This procedure should be performed routinely at three to five year intervals depending on age. Smears will be done more frequently where necessary.

View the NHS website information on Cervical screening (opens new window)


Family Planning

A full range of family planning is available at the surgery. Dr Sarah Trotter can offer advice and guidance about Long Acting Reversable Contraception (LARC) methods, these include coil fitting and contraceptive implants.  Please conact the surgery for a phone appointment with Dr Trotter if this is something you wold like to discuss.

View the NHS website pages with advice and guidance about the methods of contraception available (opens a new window)



Annual protection against influenza is offered to senior citizens and those at high risk, e.g., with chronic heart, chest, some breathing disorders, and diabetes.

Visit the NHS website for more information about the flu vaccination (opens new window).



Women aged 50 to 70 years will be offered a mammogram every three years.

View the NHS information on Breast Cancer screening (opens new window).


Pre-pregnancy advice

Pre-pregnancy advice is offered by the doctors and midwife for those thinking of becoming pregnant. It is essential that you stop smoking, reduce your alcohol intake to a minimum, ensure an adequate daily intake of the vitamin folic acid in your diet, and check with your doctor about any medication you are taking. As a general rule don't take any drugs, including those bought over the counter, in pregnancy, unless advised by your doctor. All pregnant women should attend the antenatal clinic as soon as possible.


Tetanus & Polio

Protection against tetanus and polio should be kept up to date. A full primary course with a booster at 15 should be followed by at least two boosters at 10 year intervals to protect throughout life.

Further NHS advice and information on Tetanus (opens new window)

You can also search for information about Polio and the vaccination on the link above.


Travel Immunisations

Our Practice Nurses are able to give NHS vaccinations. Further details can be found on our Travel Advice page (opens new window) page.