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PPGs were established in 1972 and since then all GP practices should have a group.  

The aim of the PPG is to ensure that Wells Health Centre puts the patient at the heart of everything it does. 

The PPG works in partnership with the practice, contributing to the continuous improvement of services and standards of care to the patient population. 

The role of the PPG includes: 

- being a critical friend to the practice 

- advising the practice on patient perspective, providing an insight into the quality of services 

- encouraging patients to take greater responsibility for their own health 

- researching the views of those who use the practice 

- participating in health promotion events 

- regularly communicating with the patient population 

PPG members should: 

be registered as either a patient or carer of a patient at the practice 

liaise with patients and carers, discussing concerns and comments pertinent to practice services 

champion the PPG, actively engaging with the patient population and local community 

attend and contribute to meetings remaining objective throughout 

represent the patient population effectively, expressing the views of the population objectively 

PPG meetings: 

- are a forum to discuss patient issues, concerns, suggestions etc. 

- an opportunity to listen to speakers from the practice about developments or initiatives which will affect the patient population 

- an opportunity for members to represent the patient population. 

If you would like to contact the PPG please do so via reception or by email the – the PPG represents you! 


Virtual Patient Group

Would you like to join our Virtual Patient Group? Your views are valuable and we would like to find out what you think of our services and how they might be developed to meet patient need. The virtual group is an extension of the PPG and members will receive minutes from meetings and can contact the PPG by email.  Members are occasionally sent a survey by email (usually no more than 3 times a year), and a report on the findings and actions is published on this page.

To sign up download the Virtual Patient Group enrolment form.


Survey Reports (PPG)

Surveys that Wells Health Centre patients have contributed to are listed below – please click the report name to open it.

Patient Participation Report for 2013-14
Patient Participation Report for 2014-15

Patient Participation Report for 2015-16

January 2013 - Waiting area and your rights concerning personal information
February 2013 - Extending opening hours
November 2013 - Patient information TV and review of extended opening
January 2014 - Prescription survey
March 2014 - Patient satisfaction survey
May 2014 - Patient education survey
July 2015 - Innovative use of technology