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Please read these guides - The process is straightfoward but it is important to get everything done in the right order.

Read the guide 'Stage 1 - Create your Patient Access account - June 2020'

Read the guide 'Stage 2 - Link your Patient Access account to the Wells Health Centre - June 2020'

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10.07.20 - Important notice about GP Online Services - Engage Consult

There are now more methods of communicating with the surgery using IT and with this, we are seeing many more photo's/images of patients being sent it. This is a very useful and convenient option for both you and the surgery but we must advise caution with the images that you send in. We cannot accept any images of patients aged under 18 where those images might reasonably be defined as 'intimate' (this covers photo's or images of genitalia, breasts or anus). We will delete any such images we receive. If you are a patient aged under 18 or have a family member who is aged under 18 and who has a concern about anything 'intimate' please always call the surgery in the first instant.

Thank you.


Patient Access

Patient Access helps patients to have a more active role in their own healthcare and develops a good relationship with their GP and Practice. We hope you will sign up and try it.

In addition to booking appointments and ordering repeat medication, you can also see your test results, recent letters and consultations via Patient Access.

  • View your medical history
  • See recent consultations (coded information)
  • See recent referral letters and replies from the hospital
  • See your test results
  • View allergies and immunisations
  • Check information about your prescribed medication

To understand some of the benefits of records access watch this Patient Access video.

Please note that information, such as test results, can be slow to load on screen.

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of an online account please ask at Reception for a Patient Access Application form – or download and print one from here: Patient Access Application Form (opens new window).  Some software will allow you to complete this form by using the 'Fill & Sign' option you should see to the right of the document; this means you do not have to print it off but you can save it onto your computer and then email it to us. 

In order for us to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your medical records we do need to establish your identity; we do therefore need you to bring your completed form to the surgery with two types of ID before we can enable your access.  Valid forms of ID include: Valid Passport, Current Driving Licence, Bus Pass, Student ID Card, Council Tax Bill or Bank Statement.

Patient Access uses a similar security approach as online / internet banking IF you keep your passwords secure.  Just as in the same way that you wouldn’t leave your bankers card and pin numbers lying around (particularly at work) and then wonder how someone managed to withdraw money from your account, it is essential that  you do not leave your passwords where they can be found.


09.07.20 - Patient Access Password Security

The Patient Access website have announced that they are introducing two new security measures, they advise:

Security PIN code

In line with data security best practice, we are introducing an additional authentication step for use when signing in to Patient Access. Users will be asked to set a five-digit security PIN code that they will need to enter when signing in to the app, as well as their password.

Mobile phone number

We will be asking all Patient Access users to provide us with a mobile phone number if they have not done so already. This is so that we can further authenticate them if they need to reset their password. Users do not have to provide us with their mobile phone number - it is an optional security measure - but we highly recommend that they do so to help further protect their data. We will be emailing all Patient Access users over the next 3 weeks to inform them of these updates and asking them to contact the Patient Access Support team rather than their GP practice if they have any questions. Our support site is here :

Technical Support with your Patient Access account (opens new window)