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Appointments for these are made through the receptionists.


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Asthma, diabetes and other long-term conditions

Our nursing team hold regular diabetes, asthma, hypertension and healthy heart clinics.  Advice from the practice nurses may be obtained at any time by appointment.


Breast screening

The NHS Breast Screening Programme offers breast screening to all women over the age of 50.  You should automatically be called for screening when you reach the age of 50 but if you have any concerns you should discuss these with your GP.


Carer support - Somerset Carers Service

If you give up your time, without pay, to look after a family member, a friend, or a neighbour who is ill, frail, or has a disability, then you are a carer.

You may be a parent carer, a young carer, or care for an older person.

If you regularly look after someone in a caring capacity, the Somerset Carers Service can support you with advice and guidance. Caring for another person is very rewarding, but can also be overwhelming and lonely at times.

Somerset Carers Service links you to groups & events in your area, to find facts and information that will help the person you are caring for with their particular needs.

You will find specific support for your unique situation; and our Carers Agents are on hand to help and guide you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us via our Live Chat, Advice Line or Text service.

Advice Line: 0800 316 8600   Text ‘Carer’ to 78070 or visit Somerset Carers website: 

Somerset Carers website (opens new window)

Young Carers

Please click on the lnk below to visit the Somerset County Council website for information about Young Carers

Somerset County Council website (opens new window)


Cervical cytology

Cervical smears can be arranged with a doctor or nurse. In conjunction with the Health Authority we operate a computerised system to call women between the ages of 24 and 49 for a smear every three years and women between 50 and 64 every five years.


Child health

Assessment and advice is carried out by both doctors and health visitors.  The key checks are as follows:

  • 6 weeks Developmental check with the doctor.
  • 6 to 9 months Developmental assessment and hearing rest with your health visitor.


Contraception C-Card Service

There is a contraception and Sexual Health App available on Android and Apple devices.  

Also: Somerset Wide Integrated Sexual Health Services (or SWISH) website (opens new window)


Counselling service

We offer an in-house counselling service under contract to Somerset Partnership NHS Trust.  If you need the services of a counsellor please discuss this with your doctor.


Ear Syringing/Irrigation (these are the same procedure)

We have again started offering ear syringing.  In order to ensure the safest treatment for you please read the details below:

  • In the first instance you will be booked an appointment for the Nurse to check your ears and discuss your concerns.
  • If the Nurse assesses that Irrigation may be appropriate for you, you will be told to oil your ears for 2 weeks.
  • When you come to the surgery for your appointment the Nurse will check your ear canal/s for signs of oiling; if there has not been enough oiling the Nurse will ask you to continue oiling your ears and return to the surgery within an agreed timescale.
  • If the Nurse starts the process but is unable to clear the ears canal/s within 10 minutes you will be asked to continuing oiling your ears and to return to the surgery within an agreed timsescale.

There is more information about Ear Syringing on the link below which takes you to the NHS website:

NHS website for more information on Ear Wax and syringing (opens new window).

For information on ear care, click here.


Family planning

We offer a complete service during routine appointments with your doctor.  This includes the removal of intra-uterine contraceptive devices at the practice or arranging for the fitting of them. If you are interested in Long Acting Reversible Contraception (or LARC) then please contact the surgery. In the first instance you will be offered a telephone appontment with Dr Sarah Trotter who will discuss the options with you. Wells Health Centre can also fit and remove the Contraceptive Implant, please make an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner, Thea Oliver to discuss.

Help with emergency contraception is available from your GP.  You have 3 days in which to act to try and prevent a pregnancy. During Bank Holidays emergency contraception may be obtained through Accident & Emergency Departments. You may also be able to get emergency contraception at your local pharmacy. There is a list of pharmacies who offer this service on the Somerset Wide Integrated Sexual Health Service (SWISH) link below:

SWISH website with information on emergency contraception providers (opens new window).


Health Connections service

Health Connections Mendip is a health and wellbeing service available to patients.  Patients can talk to a health connector at the surgery to find out about local activities, support and services available, and can also arrange one-to-one appointments to speak to a Connector.  Further info is available on the website:  

Health and Wellbeing information (opens new window)


Health promotion

Various members of the primary health care team are involved in aspects of health promotion.  Topics covered Include: stopping smoking advice

  • dietary advice
  • sexual health
  • mental health
  • advice on alcohol consumption
  • accident prevention
  • exercise
  • skin cancer prevention



Doctors see patients for antenatal care during normal surgery appointment times. Regular antenatal clinics are held by the midwife. The midwife also arranges postnatal care of patients at home as required.

Pregnancy Self-referral

Please see the new details here:

"From Monday 4th November 2019, as part of the Maternity Digital Transformation programme outlined by “Better Births,” maternity services are launching a new ‘online self-referral’ service for newly pregnant women. The online form will be available from the trust maternity website and accessed directly by women wishing to register with maternity services.

The online form will allow our admin team to complete pre-registration information required for our clinical systems as we prepare to offer a ‘paper-light’ maternity service, phasing out the maternity handheld notes and utilising our clinical documentation system, Medway Maternity.

The form requests that patients complete their basic demographic details alongside basic obstetric and medical history. This service will standardise referral pathways and allow our midwives to better plan and prioritise care based on the information received prior to the booking appointment.

Once a self-referral has been submitted and triaged a named midwife will then contact the client directly to offer early pregnancy advice and either arrange an appointment at a suitable time or advise the patient to book an appointment at her GP surgery at the appropriate gestational week to be seen.

Digital Lead Midwife

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Self Refer to the Maternity unit (opens new window)


Minor surgery

Our treatment room is fully equipped for minor procedures carried out under a local anaesthetic.  Your own doctor will arrange minor surgery for you if required.


Online services

Please click on the link to go to the Patient Access website for more information and guidance on creating your own account.

Find out more about Patient Access (opens new window).