22.02.18 – Rate our Website responses

A big ‘Thank you’ to all of our patients who contributed their thoughts and took the time to rate our website. So far we have received almost 100 comments and I can report that 62% rated the site as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ with 27% rating it as Poor. Several of the more recent ‘Poor’ comments have reported difficulties with our online appointment booking system. Please feel free to contact the surgery and ask to speak to me if you are having difficulties with our online services. One repeated comment advised that there was no ‘Log In’ button on the website. The log in option is located at the top right hand side of every page – you can click on the link below for an image of this.

Website ‘log in’ option

I will be reviewing your comments on a regular basis from now on. It is vital that you, our patients, find the site informative and easy to use.  I’d like to encourage you to offer your thoughts so that we can make it a facility that will be of benefit to you all.



IT, IG and Operations Lead